jemissyJemicy has been my teaching home for so many years that it is hard to describe this wonderful school effectively in this space.  The school website provides all the basic information to understand the scope of its history, mission, and current programs.

484280_394811587263012_104786528_nI take lots of photos at school, documenting classes and activities.  Some of my favorites are of kids at play, embodying what founder Margaret Rawson called “the experience of the good life in childhood.”  An album of recess photos from my Facebook page can be found here: Jemicy recess

In 2010, I completed a PhD in environmental studies through Antioch University New England with a case study at Jemicy. My focus was on how community values support outdoor play, with themes of environmental education, biodiversity and sustainability woven throughout the study.  It was the launching pad for my 2016 Fulbright-supported investigation of sustainability and biodiversity education in New Zealand.399210_394811880596316_1883618907_n

Monkey brains and monkey bars: An ecological approach to the values of school recess

Other related articles:

The Place of Outdoor Play in a School Community: A Case Study of Recess Values



Jemicy has its own page with the Maryland Biodiversity Project, listing the species documented so far on both campuses.


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