More than 30 years ago, I began a journey in teaching at the Jemicy School, a small, vibrant community dedicated to helping learners with dyslexia and other language-based differences.  Encouraged to explore many different pathways here, I found my way back to my childhood passion for science and the outdoors. In December 2015, that journey continued – first to Tasmania, and then to New Zealand on a Fulbright teaching award.

1375180_567012440042925_871588813_nHow do young children learn about biodiversity and sustainability here?  My goal during these six months abroad was to exchange ideas with educators and students, returning with a backpack of tools for navigating changing global landscapes and better understanding the species that inhabit them.

aron emily

I began this blog as a chronicle of the questions that arise through daily encounters with children and nature. A life-long passion for observing, documenting, and sharing my experience of natural phenomena has woven this kind of inquiry into the very fabric of my life as a teacher. What would this look like in another hemisphere, in the company of other keen observers?

Since my return, stories of children’s encounters with biodiversity have continued to fuel the posts on these pages. There are seemingly endless numbers of species to discover in our own small corner of the world, and endlessly fascinating  ways to experience them.

Comments, stories, and edifications of all kinds are welcome.  Please also visit my Flickr page (sidebar) to view photos of biodiversity documented in Australia and New Zealand, at Jemicy, and elsewhere in Maryland.

Thanks for joining me!

Emily Stanley

One thought on “About

  1. Greetings Emily:
    We hope all is well in your discoveries and travels.
    Jemicy misses you…..
    We are glad that you are enjoying your time and spreading the Jemicy spirit.
    Please return safely, as miss you!
    we are viewing your travels as you post them.

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