September Firsts

First python to embrace

First leaf bigger than your face

First smell of a ripe pawpaw

First flying squirrel we ever saw

First time digging up clay

First “It’s a blacksnake!” day

First tortoise eye to eye

First finding a shiny buckeye

First time getting stuck

First rhino beetle luck

First salamander: “Squirmy!”

First nightcrawler: “Wormy!”

First windows in a fort

First bamboo transport

First soft chinchilla touch

First bearded dragon clutch

First burrs, very prickly

First caterpillar, eating quickly

First stroll up the stream

First Quercus for the M Group team

First slug getting you slimy

First recess getting grimy

First use of the pruning tool

First new friend in school

First swing on the rope

The first of many more firsts, we hope!

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