Small wonder

okarito ESrock

Having traveled a long way to a destination known for its natural beauty, there is always supposed to be a compelling view: a waterfall, a stunning mountain vista, ancient sea cliffs, a serene green ocean, hordes with selfie sticks. But it is life at a smaller scale – the flower, the insect, the leaf, the shell – that grabs my attention. Here in a new country, with the fantastic scenery of the Southern Alps all about me, I tend to zoom in.  As soon as I have access to some good field guides, I’ll add more ID’s.

greenstone, pounamu, Okarito
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
red rock flower
Franz Josef glacier
Arthur’s Pass
female copper, Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
APmoth underwing
Underwing moth, Arthur’s Pass
Polystichum vestitum prickly shield fern pūniu
Prickly shield fern, Wanaka
Carpodetus serratus putaputawētā marbleleaf
Marble leaf, Wanaka
flies on thistles
Flies on thistles, Wanaka
AP flower 3
Franz Josef glacier
orange plant
Franz Josef glacier
Lobelia angulata Panakenake
Copper on Lobelia angulata, Arthur’s Pass
mushrooms, Arthur’s Pass
mountain daisy
Mountain daisy, Arthur’s Pass
AP flowers
Arthur’s Pass


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