Woods work

December arrived gray, wet, and chilly this year.  When the sun finally broke through today, the wind whipped through the woods and sent the last of the leaves flying. Due to the rain and an extended Thanksgiving break, the kids had not visited their forts for some time.  There was much talk of repairs needed, of missing valuables, and of new ventures.

Someone came running to tell me exciting news: “We have an employee of the month!”  The lucky child was chosen, I was informed, by virtue of always wearing a big smile, and was honored with the gift of a special curved stick. Meanwhile, at the far end of the woods, two 3rd graders worked with a hockey stick and a homemade sickle to cut back a multiflora rose bush that was invading the play area. New welcome signs were hammered together, decorated, and displayed. Two gardeners dug and planted a small plot of soybeans that had been part of a holiday display, hoping for edamame in the spring.

All this, plus it was Thursday Trashday, one of our very favorite days of the week. I am already missing the Jemicy woods.


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